Kurchi Madathapetti Is In The Heart Of Africa Now

The catchy song “Kurchi Madathapetti” from the Telugu film, Superstar Mahesh Babu’s “Guntur Kaaram” has taken social media by storm. The energetic track, featuring Mahesh and Sreeleela, has struck a chord with the younger audience for its lyrics, massy dance moves and Sreeleela’s glamour as well. And the fever now expanded to the African continent as well.

Many african children are now creating their versions of the song on platforms like Instagram Reels. After we have seen a dance mob performing to this song at a flash mob event that took place during an NBA game in Houston, USA, now comes reels of these African kids from Uganda, who are being looked after by Smash Talent Foundation. They have nicely done their style of dancing for Thaman’s tune, taking the original dance moves and moulding them accordingly.

Back then we saw Ala Vaikuntapurramlo’s Butta Bomma song going viral like this, with celebs and people from various countries doing reels of it. Even for Kurchi Madathapetti, many celebs already did their reel, some cricketers aced the trend and now these kids of mesmerising with the same song.