Except Birthday Party, I Don’t Know What Rave Party Is’

“Earlier these people got me divorced from my wife and now they have sent me to a rave party in Bangalore and also got me arrested” quips hero Srikanth as he throws satire on how some YouTube videos are actually maligning his image. In the wake of some reports doing rounds that the senior actor was present at a Bangalore rave party last night and got arrested in a police raid, the actor gave clarity to Telugu media.

“I’m happily in my home but some thumbnails on YouTube have pained me as they mentioned that ‘hero Srikanth got arrested in a rave party’. Except for birthday parties, I don’t know what these rave parties are about as I’ve never been to one. Please don’t believe in any fake news and carry some videos with fake thumbnails” said Srikanth, as he responded to the rumors surrounding him.

On the other hand, the baseless rumours being circulated about the actor’s name might be untrue, however, a rave party was busted by Bangalore Electronic City police last night and a bunch of Telugu TV actors, actresses and models were arrested. At the party premises, police are said to have seized 17 grams of MDMA and cocaine as well. More than a dozen luxury cars were seized inside the farmhouse premises, while an AP Minister’s sticker was also found there.