Anand Deverakonda Puts Rashmika In A Fix, She Answers

It has been quite many a time where discussions have come up about the rumored relationship between Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika. The couple often gives hints about their vacays together and people close to them have been putting them in a fix directly at public events.

One more incident of that sort happened at the Gam Gam Ganesh event last night. Anand Deverakonda asked Rashmika Mandanna to name her favorite costar. Rashmika knew where this was going and she laughed off asking Anand how he could put her in a fix. She asks him,’ You are my family. How could you put me in the spot ra?’

Meanwhile, the crowd started screaming ‘Rowdy Rowdy’ and Rashmika blushed before saying ‘Rowdy Boy’ is her favorite costar.

Speaking about Anand, Rashmika says Anand is like a big brother she never had. She depends on him a lot and he might not know it. ‘I wish to see him win with his movie and the smile that comes with it’.

Rashmika also spoke about director Sai Rajesh and expressed her wish to work in his direction and play a mental character. Rashmika further says the movie ‘Baby’ made her cry and curious.