OTT Review – Miss Perfect

Cast: Lavanya Tripathi, Abijeet Duddala, Abhignya Vuthaluru, Harshavardhan, Jhansi and others
Director: Vishvak Khanderao
Producer: Supriya Yarlagadda
Music: Prashant R Vihari
Release Date : 02-02-2024
Streaming On : Disney+ Hotstar

Post her wedding to Varun Tej, Lavanya Tripathi is out with her first release Miss Perfect, a web series for Disney + Hotstar. The fun series is produced by Annapurna Studios and has been directed by Vishwak Khanderao. Abhijeet Duddala of Bigg Boss fame also plays a key role along with Youtuber Abhigyna. Read our review here.


The show is set during the first Covid lockdown. Lavanya(Lavanya Tripathi) is the corporate head in Delhi who shifts to Hyderabad in her dad’s apartment. One fine day, her maid Jyothi(Abhignya) tells her that she cannot come to work and asks Lavanya to convey the same to her neighbor Rohit(Abhijeet). On the other hand, Lavanya has OCD issues and cannot see anything dirty. She goes to Rohit’s house and finds it messy and starts cleaning it. Lavanya does it regularly as she gets a kick out of it and has nothing to do during lockdown. Things become so addictive for Lavanya that she introduces herself to Rohit as her maid Jyothi’s friend and she is here to help. This starts a new romantic journey between Lavanya and Rohit and how all this confusion unfolds after several subplots get unveiled is the story of Miss Perfect.


After a long gap, Lavanya Tripathi is seen in a fun role and she is good. She plays the maid and also a posh corporate head with aplomb. Lavanya looks beautiful and suits the role of a girl who has OCD issues. Abhijeet Duddala looks clueless in the first few episodes as his character is not too strong. But once the love track strengthens, he comes on his own and creates an impact. Harshvardhan and Jhansi’s romance is showcased in a fun manner and both the seasoned actors do well. The actual highlight of the series is Youtuber Abhignya Vuthaluru, who plays the main Jyothi. Be it her look, body language, or track in the series, she is top-notch. Most of the fun moments in the series are showcased through her interactions with her brother.

Technical Aspects

Annapurna Studios has produced this series which has great visuals. As the entire story happens in a gated community, the visuals needed to look rich and not boring. This aspect has been taken care of quite well by the cameraman. The dialogues and production design are top-notch. Music by Prashanth Vihari is good as the romantic numbers that come in the background as BGM have been placed well. The editing is just about okay and the writing is not that great. The plot is predictable and has nothing new to showcase.

Thumbs Up

Lavanya Tripathi performance
Harshvardhan and Jhansi’s fun track
Comedy between Abhgnya and her brother

Thumbs Down

Routine Story
Lacks novelty
Boring first two episodes
Lack of proper conflict


Miss Perfect is about a girl who has OCD issues and the same was showcased in the trailers. One would think, the show would have conflict based on this issue or comedy related to it. But the series is not about the OCD issues of Lavanya. It is just a setup to narrate the story of a few people who are stuck during lockdown and have nothing else to do.

The basic idea of an OCD girl turning into a maid as she loves cleaning sounds good but is unleashed in a very confusing and silly manner. The way Lavanya goes to Rohit’s house, how he is omnipresent when she is cleaning the house, all this looks artificial. Miss Perfect starts making sense when Abhigyna’s track is highlighted. It has some very cute moments. The way Abhignya interacts with her brother, they becoming spies to track Lavanya and Rohit have been narrated in a very good manner. Also, the subplot of Abigyna wanting to become a singer is shown endearingly.

The actual fun starts when Lavanya Tripathi finds it tough to handle herself as a maid and also falls in love with Abhijeet. The romantic angle in the series is nice but one gets a feeling that it should have been elevated well. Once the confusion about who the actual maid is gets cleared, the series becomes a romantic drama. The best part of the series is that it can be watched with the entire family.

Finally, Vishwak Rao strives to infuse a light-hearted and harmless tone through the eight-episode series. However, despite these efforts, the surplus of plot elements, occasionally venturing into absurdity, fails to transform the narrative engaging. The storyline’s excessiveness to be funny prevents it from reaching the desired level of compelling storytelling.

Bottom Line – Nothin New