Pawan Recalls Trivikram’s Dialogue, Poonam Kaur Comments!

It is now official that Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan is contestng from Bhimavaram. The actor-politician spoke at Bhimavaram party meet and encuraged party cadre to work for winning in coming elections.

Amid this, Pawan Kalyan spoke about YCP’s slogan ‘Siddham’ saying that they would expect him to say ‘Yuddham’. Pawan Kalyan laughed off saying those dialogues are for movies and I don’t want to say those artificial line in speeches. He then recalled the fun banter with Trivikram during Attarinki Daredi about ‘Simham’ dialogues. Pawan Kalyan says he is not comfortable saying these dialogues in movies also.

Responding to this video of Pawan Kalyan, actress Poonam Kaur commented ‘Useless fellow #Trivikram’. Poonam Kaur has been indirectly criticizing Trivikram since sometime. There have been a number of rumors about a bitter past between the director and the actress.

Poonam Kaur responding to Pawan Kalyan’s political speeches and commenting directly about ‘Trivikram’ grabbed attention of all.