Sharmila Staying In Andhra Ratna Bhavan To Avoid Arrest

YS Sharmila has quickly become the biggest detractor of YS Jagan and she is trying to do all the damage she can to Jagan. She has now posed a straight question to Jagan after the YCP government enforced house arrest of Congress leaders in AP.

Sharmila called for a ‘Chalo Secretariat’ against the AP government in support of candidates who are protesting regarding the DSC notifications. The Chalo Secretariat program is planned for February 22, Thursday morning and the AP police denied permission for the same and started house-arrests of Congress leaders.

Sharmila who was supposed to go to KVP Ramachandra Rao’s house, changed the plans so as to not get house-arrested. She went to Vijayawada Congress office ‘Andhra Ratna Bhavan’ and stayed there for Wednesday night. However, police surrounded the building.

Sharmila revealed that the AP Congress leaders were forced to be under house arrest after they announced they would protest in support of the unemployed youth in the state. She called this an unconstitutional move by the Jagan government.

“Isn’t it a shame on you that I, being a woman have to avoid the police and spend the night in the Congress party office to avoid house arrest? Am I a terrorist or an anti-social force to face such action?” Sharmila questioned.

Sharmila opined that Jagan Mohan Reddy is scared of her and other Congress party leaders and that is the reason why he is enforcing all his force against them.