CM Forgot iPhone Password, Apple Refusing Access

The recent arrest of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is one of the biggest political developments in the country before the fast-approaching general elections. The Enforcement Directorate is actively pursuing the Delhi Liquor policy case with the arrest of the CM, who is accused of being the main conspirator. But the investigation has hit a speedbump for a strange reason.

After the arrest of Kejriwal, the ED seized the personal phones belonging to him to retrieve the WhatsApp chats and call data that could be linked to the Delhi liquor scam. But this process came to a standstill after Kejriwal said he forgot the password to his iPhone and as a result, ED officials aren’t able to access his phone.

Reportedly, ED informally contacted the device manufacturer Apple to help them in unlocking the phone but the company refuted saying only the owner of the phone can have access to the password. With the CM saying he forgot his phone password and Apple refuting the request to unlock the device, ED officials are said to be having a tough time accessing the phone data.